William Morrow/Harper Collins Publishers, New York, 1994
ISBN 0-688-11425-3, $24 including shipping and handling

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Cover: Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (and Not-so-Wild) Places
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This book shows readers how to find and prepare more than five hundred different plants for nutrition and better health, including such common plants as mullein (a tea made from the leaves and flowers suppresses a cough), stinging nettle (steam the leaves and you have a tasty dish rich in iron), cattail (cooked stalks taste similar to corn and are rich in protein), and wild apricots (an infusion made with the leaves is good for stomachaches and digestive disorders).

More than 260 detailed line drawings help readers identify a wide range of plants - many of which are suited for cooking by following the more than thirty recipes included in this book. There are literally hundreds of plants readily available underfoot waiting to be harvested and used whether as food or as a potential therapeutic. This book is both a field guide to nature's bounty and a source of intriguing information about the plants that surround us.

"What Roger Tory Peterson did for birds, 'Wildman' Steve Brill has done for edible plants. In this tangy Baedeker of vegetables in the raw, Steve tosses a savory salad of edible wild plant recipes. Brill's anecdotal illustrated guide to the life and lore of the plant kingdom has all the piquancy of his popular foraging tours of New York City parkland. This mouthwatering compendium of flora deliciosa will bring fresh delight to any reader who has, or has not yet, enjoyed a walk in the park with the Wildman."

- Henry J. Stern
Commissioner, City of New York Parks and Recreation

"The "Wildman" has done it again. Steve Brill has written a book that inspires, delights, and provides wonderful food for thought for anyone interested in foraging. This book will be of interest to a great range of people, from parks commissioners and managers to herbalists and hikers. If taken to heart, it will provide the reader with an increased sensitivity to, and understanding of, the plant world and its potential to improve our quality of life."

"A touch of 'wild,' a dash of brilliant, and a bunch of Brill, not to be taken with a grain of salt."

- Jim Duke
Economic Botanist, USDA