Bay Bolete
(Boletus badius)
Wolf Baying
Bay Bolete sculpture

Bay Bolete

Sculpture, acrylic paint by "Wildman"

The bay bolete has a reddish-brown to yellow-brown, smooth, convex to flat cap 1-1/4 to 4 inches across, sticky to dry. The flesh slowly bruises purplish brown.

The tubes may be sunken near the stem or slightly run down the stem. The small, dull yellow pores slowly bruise blue, then brown. The spores are olive-brown.

The stalk is 1-5/8 to 3.5 inches long, 3/8 to 3/4 inches thick, yellow-brown to reddish-brown.

This mushroom grows under deciduous or coniferous trees throughout eastern North America in the summer and fall.

Although nonpoisonous, it's not at all tasty. I tried it once, and found it better as a model for making sculptures than for the table.