Giant Clitocybe
(Clitocybe gigantea)
Iris-scented Clitocybe sculpture

Giant Clitocybe

sculpture, acrylic paint

The giant clitocybe has a huge white to buff cap 4-18 inches across, first convex, then flat, finally funnel-shaped.

Giant Clitocybe Cap

Giant Clitocybe Cap

Note the flattened shape in middle age.

The margin begins inrolled and becomes furrowed. I find the odor mildly fishy.

The broad white to buff gills, sometimes forked or branched, and crowded together, descend the stalk. The spore print is white.

Giant Clitocybe From Below

Giant Clitocybe, from below

Note the crowded gills that slightly descend the stalk.

The dry, solid, smooth, whitish stalk is 1-4 inches long, 1-2 inches thick.

The mushroom grows in open woods, on disturbed soil, and in gardens, from the middle of the summer through fall, throughout the US.

Giant Clitocybe in the Leaves

Giant Clitocybes in the Leaf Litter

The large white caps of these clustered mushrooms, along with their fishy smell, makes them quite distinct.

Although this large mushroom is easy to identify (there just aren't very many mushrooms that get so large, especially white ones with gills descending the stem), it has no flavor, and isn't worth collecting.