Yellow Blusher
(Amanita flavorubescens)
Woman Applying Blush
Yellow Patches Amanita sculpture by "Wildman"

The Yellow Blusher

sculpture, acrylic paints

The yellow blusher's sticky cap is 2 to 4 inches across, with yellowish patches. The free gills and the spores are white.

The thick, club-shaped stalk is 2 to 5 inches long. A white to yellowish ring hangs from the upper stalk. The whole mushrooms discolors reddish where injured.

It grows in oak woods and residential areas in the eastern half of North America from early summer to fall.

The blusher is similar because it also bruises red, but it isn't yellow, and the yellow patches amanita, which also looks similar, doesn't bruise red.

This is definitely not a mushroom to eat. Its of unknown edibilty, and could be deadly.