Kousa Dogwood
(Cornus kousa)

A Pictorial Portrait

Illustrations and photos by "Wildman," clipart from Clipart.com

This small, Japanese ornamental tree has been planted in parks and backyards throughout North America. Enjoy the red, pronged, globular fruit rawˇit turns bitter cooked.

Kousa Dogwood in Flower

Kousa Dogwood

Showy, white flowers festoon this small tree in mid-spring.

Kousa Dogwood in Flower, Painting

Kousa Dogwood Branch with Flower

The opposite (paired) leaves are typical of dogwoods. What look like petals are actually 4 sepals, specialized leaves that originally enclose the flowers in the bud stage.

Kousa Dogwood Immature Flower

Immature Kousa Dogwood Blossom

The inconspicuous, tiny, true flowers will emerge from the globe in the center of the immature, green sepals.

Kousa Dogwood Flowers

Kousa Dogwood Flowers

The sepals turn white, and the true flowers bloom on the central globe when they mature.

Kousa Dogwood Fruit, Painting

Kousa Dogwood Branch With Fruit

Soft, red, globular, long-stalked fruits, containing hard seeds, ripen in early- to mid-fall.

Kousa Dogwood Fruits

Kousa Dogwood Fruit

Trees with the largest, most abundant fruit are usually the tastiest ones.

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