(Rubus phoenicolasius)



Wineberry Cane with Fruit
This is another bramble (Rubus species), a group of usually thorny arching plant with palmate-compound leaves (the leaflets originate from the same point). This species has red, bristly stems that grow up to 8 feet tall, 3-parted leaves with large, pointed, roundish leaflets that are white underneath.
Wineberry Leaves
Young Wineberry Leaves
Clusters of small, inconspicuous white flowers appear in the spring.
Wineberry Flower
Wineberry Flower and Unopened, Immature Fruit
They're followed by large, juicy, hollow, faceted raspberries in the summer.
Look for wineberries in thickets, fields, edges of woods or trails, in moist soil throughout the northeast.
Use this common Asian fruit the same way youíd use commercial raspberries. Theyíre juicier and more sour, with more flavor than most of their relatives. The seeds are hard, so if youíre using the berries purÈed, itís better to strain them out.
Foraging for Brambles
An article by "Wildman"

Vegetarian Journal, Issue 3, 2006

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