Forest Park
Independence Day
Friday, July 4

Forest Park

Forest Park Trail

Forest Park's woodlands, cultivated areas, and thickets make it a great place for early summer foraging, and a perfect place to celebrate Independence Day.

Luscious black raspberries are in season now, and we'll hunt for them in thickets throughout the day.

We'll be looking for prized daylily flowers in bloom in partially shaded areas throughout the woods. This Asian delicacy, sold in Chinatown as "golden needles," has a sweet, pungent flavor, wonderful in salads and soups, or stuffed.

Daylily Flower

Daylily Flower

Use these sweet-and-hot flowers the day you find them. They wilt at the end of the day.

Other wild herbs and vegetables we'll be hunting for along the edges of trails include parsley-celery-carrot flavored honewort, hearty burdock root, piquant greenbrier, sour wood sorrel, spicy field garlic, healing jewelweed, string bean-flavored Asiatic dayflower, mild lady's thumb, medicinal mullein, wintergreen-flavored black birch, and root beer-flavored sassafras.

If it has rained beforehand, we may also find gigantic chicken mushrooms, black-staining polypores, brittle russulas, prized chanterelles, and misshapen Berkeley's polypores, as well as prized bolete mushrooms.

The 4-hour walking tour begins at 11:45 AM, on Independence Day, Friday, July 4, at the stone wall at Union Turnpike and Park Lane, near the Parks Dept.'s Overlook building.

Call (914) 835-2153 at least 24 hours ahead to reserve a place.