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The Enquiring Naturalist

"Wildman's" Queens Public Access Cable TV Show

This entertaining cable-TV series brings you an in-depth view of the environment's positive side.

It includes in-depth interviews with distinguished guests:

"We should all eat more bananas!" - From Raising Reptiles

The show covers a wide range of topics. We often feature guest stars:

Guest Star: The Hourglass Nebula Bruce Kamiat, amateur astronomer - From Explorations in Astronomy

Some shows include kids learning about our planet.

Corrine Doron from The Brooklyn Children's Museum With Kids and Iguana - From Raising Reptiles

And, of course, there are plenty of shows about wild plants and mushrooms.

"Pokeweed is delicious and healthful if you pick it at the right time, use the right part, and prepare it correctly. If not, it may kill you!" - From Wild Plants of Springtime

The show is brought to you by the Queens Greens, and produced by Vincent Gallo.

Produced and directed by Vincent Gallo,
AV Productions, (212) 772-8232
Documentaries, special events, portfolios, promotional, commemorative, educational, instructional audio/video

Sample Clips

Wild Food of Springtime

Primitive Skills