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CALL (914) 835-2153 at least 24 hours in advance to reserve a place

Please don't e-mail reservations (things tend to go wrong when people do that), or for the travel directions or starting times for out-of-town tours. If an outside organzation is hosting a tour, you may sign up through them.

CONFIRM OR CANCEL your reservation the evening before the tour. It's absolutely necessary to know who's coming and who's not. Walks are called off for severely inclement weather.

THOSE WHO DISRUPT A TOUR by not showing up and failing to phone to cancel the night before will be required to pay a $25 penalty per person before being allowed on another tour.

NEW YORK CITY PARK TOURS usually run from 11 AM to PM (subject to change). Public transportation is very unreliable, so check for transportation rerouting and cancellations in advance. Out of town start times vary. PLEASE BE PUNCTUAL!

SUGGESTED DONATION: $20 ($10 for children under 12), sliding scale. If you're affluent, larger donations would be welcome. If you're facing financial difficulties, you're more than welcome to attend free of charge. No one is ever turned away for lack of funds. Please bring exact change.

My Venmo is steve-brill-1, verification: 9135. For Paypal, use: Please choose the Friends and Family option, so PayPal doesn't take money off the top, and please don't pay in advance, so I don't have to issue dozens of refunds every time it rains.

Gift certificates are available.

BRING plastic bags for vegetables and herbs, paper bags for mushrooms, plastic containers for fruit and berries (mid-June to Dec.), drinking water, and a pen (to sign in). A sturdy digging implement for roots is suggested.

NO SMOKING OR VAPING AT ANY TIME WHATSOEVER, and no open shoes, as there will be poison ivy, and there may be ticks, other bugs, and thorns.

RECOMMENDED: Lunch (for tours that run through lunchtime,) a knife, work gloves, note pad, whistle (so you won't get lost), insect repellent, sun hat or warm hat, an extra sweater, thermals, hand- and foot warmers, rain gear, or boots — as necessary.

CHECK the weather forecast and dress appropriately. Bring one more layer of clothing than you think you'll need in cold weather.

CHILDREN of all ages are encouraged to attend, and to learn to understand and love their planet.

WELL-BEHAVED DOGS are required, if you have one (I love animals), unless park rules prohibit them (Boo!)

SNAIL MAIL ADDRESS: "Wildman" Steve Brill, 101 Cooper Drive, #1A, New Rochelle, NY, 10801

E-MAIL:, Phone: (914) 835-2153