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Best Outdoor Adventure SitesWe shortlisted 200 blogs and asked them to provide some information on their sites and why they think an outdoor lifestyle is great for everyone.

Culinary Arts College, A guide to culinary arts colleges and universities

DirectoryRecreation, Comprehensive web recreation directory

Environmental Directory - DotEnvironment.net, the best guide to resources related to environment such as ecosystems, cleaning products, waste management, pollution, weather, land conservation, air filters and purifiers, wildlife, green house effect, and other useful information

Earthline, An ecological directory bringing our Earth and its people together

club freeTime

EcoBusinessLinks Environmental Directory, The first green directory 100% wind energy powered through wind credits

Got2BeGreen, Looking for aspiring journalists for all of the U.S. states and as many countries as possible to post green news and events from their regions

Green Apple Map, A complete guide to eco-resources in New York City

GreenPeople.org, The worlds biggest and most easily navigable "green" environmentally friendly directory for organic food, natural products, recycled products.

Holistic Junction, Share ideas and locate healing arts schools, holistic products, and services.

Kids' Cooking Classes and Lessons, local kids cooking lessons and courses, along with schools and camps for youth and teenagers

Links Traffic Exchange, Bring your website relevant users and good rank into all search engines

LookDirectory, Comprehensive, human-edited directory with over 2 million websites

New York City Learning Guide, Find schools, teachers, and classes, and private classes.j

One-Earth.com, organizes environmental solutions by city and category so anyone can learn exactly how to conserve energy and water in their city, where the local compost drop off locations are, where to shop for local food, and much more—it works like Wikipedia, and it's free.

Our Green Directory, Canada's showcase of eco-friendly products and services

Dutch website about wildlife, International sites covering plants, animals, and fungi

Educational Resources for Teachers & Parents

Better School Foods, Raising the awareness of the connection between food and children's health, behavior, and learning.

Biology Dictionary, Learn about all sorts of biology terms, principles, and life forms.

Earth Balloon, Earth awareness school assembly program

Ecolgy Gateway, Books about ecology, environmental care, recycling, environmental education, green energy, global warming, and more

Green Teacher, A guide to web sites for teachers

HerbalZine for Kids!, Planting a seed of knowledge for a lifetime of herbal wisdom

Koikiwi, Ecological games for smart kids

Mobile Ed Productions, Education through entertainment—live education assemblies and workshops, nation-wide, from a library of educational presentations, from astronomy to zoology

Mohr's Explorers, After-school, outdoor adventure programs for New York City children, utilizing various confidence-building games and activities containing elements of hiking, climbing, fishing, orienteering, fort building, bird identification, basic wilderness survival and so on.

Speech Therapy: NYC, Craig Selinger, a licensed New York City speech therapist, provides speech, language, and feeding therapy for children in Manhattan and Brooklyn as well as private tutoring services for school-aged children.


Activism Center at Wetlands Preserve, NYC nightclub committed to high-profile campaigns against environmental abuse and the violation of the rights of human and non-human animals

Adirondackwolf.org, Dedicated to environmental stabilization and restoration of native species, such as the timber wolf

Ciclo Sustainable, Researches and implements appropriate solutions to connect communities and capital with sustainable systems

Metropolitan Monarch Alliance, to learn about and to create habitat for Monarch butterflies and other wildlife across NYC 

Permaculture Training, Live with intention, explore organic farms and eco-communities in beautiful natural settings, meet incredible people who are on your wavelength, and join them in enriching service projects

Port Washington Monarch Butterfly Alliance, a community organization with the goal of making the entire community of PW a butterfly sanctuary, to re-wild our area to promote biodiversity, and to make experiences of nature more accessible to the community

Freegan.info, Dedicated to revealing human overconsumption and waste

GuideFellas, We are the fellas that will help you navigate life

Insinkerator, Think before you drink: The environmental cost of bottled water

New Jersey Environmental Center, A source of environmental information in New Jersey

Pennypack Farm and Education Center, a charitable non-profit educational organization dedicated to making sustainable agriculture an important part of our community, through farming, education, and community events; in Horsham, PA

Transportation Alternatives, A nonprofit citizens’ group working for better bicycling, walking and public transit, and fewer cars.

TruckLocator, the Global Impact of Transportation.

Food and Cooking Instructions (also see) Vegetarianism

AboutCook.com, information and resources for cooking, recipe collections, cookbooks, soups, stews, sushi recipes, pasta and more

AboutNutrition.com, A wide range of nutrition information and news

Anne's Recipes, Online recipe and cooking center—one of the most useful free recipe collections online

Aztec Gardens, The pre-Hispanic foods of Mexico—a guide to the origins of modern Mexican cuisine

Bitsy's Kitchen, Hundreds of easy-printing recipes, kitchen tips, recipe sites, cookware, bakeware, gift baskets and more!

Bryanna's Vegan Feast, Vegan recipes, resources, and cooking know-how; innovative and user-friendly—from best-selling vegan cookbook author and chef, Bryanna Clark Grogan

Carrot Juice, All of the latest information about carrot juice, including basic facts, recipes, news, and frequently asked questions

ChefDepot.Net, A site for chefs—cutlery, kitchen supplies, recipes, and more!

Chef2Chef, A huge food site with recipes, resources, a directory, and newsletter

Cooking Connect, Directory of food and recipe resources

Culinary Schools, Find a culinary school—worldwide cooking schools directory

DelightfulFood.com, A "travel guide" to cooking, food, and nutrition websites

Eat, Drink, and Be Really Merry, An amusing look at the world of food and drink; nothing escapes parody.

Edible Communities, Transforming the way communities shop for, cook, eat, and relate to the food that is grown and produced in their area

Favorite Recipes to Share, Favorite recipes from friends, relatives and myself to share with you! I hope you'll try some of them, and even share some of yours.

Feastivals, Exciting culinary adventures await you with the best of what's new in the world of food and wine.

Flooded is grounded in a conceptual framework that uses narrative and art direction to explore baseline shifting, generational amnesia, and our future food trajectories.

Food Reference Website, Articles on food history and usage; recipes; food trivia and facts; kitchen tips; culinary quotes and events; food humor and poetry; culinary crosswords; and an excellent newsletter

Food Site of the Day, Not just recipes! Food news! Food ideas! Food history! Food customs! Food information centers!

For the Taste of It, For Claire Fountain, her life is food, and what a sweet life it is.

Gourmet Sleuth, The gourmet food and cooking resource

Gourmania, For people who are crazy about food

In a Vegetarian Kitchen, Recipes and more by author Nava Atlas

Kitchen Sanity, a kitchen tips blog that helps people reduce their frustration in a kitchen

Lauren Groveman's Kitchen, The art, soul, and spirit of delicious living

Natural Food Hub, Information about natural food

One Pan Wonders, Backcountry cooking at its finest

OutdoorCook.com, Cook anything outdoors.

Professor Schnoll's Nutrition Course, Roseanne Schnoll, Ph.D., sharing information from her Brooklyn College course

Recipe Book Online, Recipes, cookbooks, and cooking tips

Spicy Steve, The very best in cooking tips, info, and advice, plus great spicy east Asian dishes

Spoonful, Get inspired to cook with fresh local food and learn what's really good right now in New York. Find out simple ways to enjoy those foods that you just don't know what to do with, or what they are even called. Spoonful is local food made simple.

Ultimate Cooking Guide an asset for anyone interested in a wide variety of cooking resources  

WildernessCooking.com, How to handle food on your trips


Blanche Derby, Wild food tours in MA and CT

Dandelion Pictures & More, Dandelion poetry, uses, literature, and links

Eat Weeds, A forager's wild food guide to edible plants of Great Britain

ForageAhead, A Yahoo! e-group focusing on edible wild plants

Forage, A wild foods co-operative

Foraging Foodie, Workshops and info dedicated to the use of edible wild plants in the kitchen

Foraging for Tea, a prepper's guide to some delicious herbs that make great her teas

Growing and Foraging in Southern Cities, a blog created to share knowledge of organic gardening and foraging, by Jalah Stern

Foraging.com, Foraging resources plus photos of my tours

John Root,  A freelance musician and naturalist, offering both edible wild plant walks and power point presentations on this and related topics

Laurie Lacey's Wild World of Plants, Field walks in Nova Scotia; stories, plant information, art, & books

Leda's Urban Homestead, Leda Meredith's foraging and food preparation blog

Matt's Habitats, Foraging &b Nature Walks in the Washington, DC Area, Matthew Cohn's Eco-Friendly Gardening, Painting, Handyman work, and Nature Walks, including edible wild plants and mushrooms

Nathaniel Whitmore, Plant and mushroom walks, herbal Medicine, and Shiatsu, in the Delaware River Valley

Nature's Secret Larder, Articles and lots of useful information about bushcraft, plant lore, tree lore, wildlife, photography, survival, courses, and much more—from bushcraft and wild food instructor Kris Miners

Oklahoma Wildcrafting, Native American wild edibles, heritage, and practices

PersimmonPudding.com, Dedicated to growing, education, and use of the American persimmon

Russ Cohen, Wild food tours in MA

Sacred Earth, Ethnobotany and eco-travel

Sharing what we Found, A foraging blog by Dillon De Give

3Foragers, Various YouTube videos of foraging experts discussing wild edible plants, by Robert Gurgulics

Urban Foraging, This Seattle Institute of Culture and Ecology's study expands knowledge of how people interact with urban nature through their foraging practices, and the implications of those interactions for social and ecological resiliency of cities.

Wildcrafting by Cherokee Guide Service, Learn about the wild edible, medicinal, useful, and poisonous plants of North Carolina and Tennessee.

Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants Photos, The best photos of wild foods you'll ever see, part of Robert Gergulics' Photography

Wild Food Adventures, Edible plants, wild foods & other forageables of North America; John Kallas, director; Portland, OR

Wild Food Man of Lostwitheil, One of Britain's leading exponents of wild food, Marcus Harrison runs wild food workshops and courses out of the picturesque town of Lostwithiel in Cornwall.

Wild Food Plants, Sunny Savage helps us untame our lives by incorporating wild foods into our modern-day diets.

Wild Man Wild Foods, Welcome to the website of the Wild Man of food, Fergus Drennan; forager extraordinaire!

Herbal and Alternative Medicine

Alternative Nature Online, articles about herbal remedies from wild plants, alternative medicine, growing herbs, and hundreds of photographs of medicinal plants, plus Amazing Jewelweed Poison Ivy Remedies and Natural Mosquito Shielding

Ethno-Herbalist, Southern California ethnobotany, historic use medicinal plants

Hedgerow Medicine, How to use common plants growing in Great Britain and elsewhere to make your own home remedies.

Herbal Medicine for Women's Health, Discover the Wise Woman Way with Susun Weed — site offers 300+ pages of wit and wisdom.

HerbalRemediesInfo.com, Look up information on specific herbs, find herbal remedies for specific ailments, and learn to make your own tinctures, oils, salves, and infusions.

Herbs on Hudson, An herbal apothecary selling bulk herbs, special herbal formulas, custom blends; herbal and nutritional consultations on-line, over the phone, or in person; and classes—with herbalist and WTBQ radio show host Marguerite Dunne

LearningHerbs.com, Make your own herbal medicine with free home remedies

Mosley Health, Health information through various topics

Natural Health Remedies and Natural Cures, Articles and information about natural remedies, alternative medicine, and health cures

Nature Supplies, Natural and herbal alternative health, a family-run UK business striving to bring customers the best natural and herbal supplements, and alternative remedies, at affordable prices.

Northeast School of Botanical Medicine, Courses taught by 7-Song in Ithaca, NY

Nutrition Blog, Health and nutrition info on many diverse topics, from weight loss and fertility to acai berries.

Purple Sage, Medicinal plants and their uses, thoroughly researched and clearly described

Holistic Health by Dr. Richard Jenfsen, Improve your life with Holistic Health by Richard Jensen Ph.D., providing integrative nutrition tips, advice, and counseling.

Restoration Herbs, An herbal center in Franklin, PA, with a practicing herbalist, workshops, fresh and dried culinary and medicinal herbs and teas, garden design, and a green gym

Return to Nature, Blog-style info on medicinal and edible plants, plus sales of herbal preparations

Robin Rose Bennett, a writer, green witch, herbalist, teacher, and wisewoman who loves the earth and gives voice to the healing wild food and medicine plants which surround us

Rose Nutrition Center, Your journey to better health is our primary concern—we guide you each step of the way with personal consultations and individualized programs. We carry only the highest quality professional-grade supplements.

Skin Care Resource Center, The information you need to know on all topics related to skin care

Sol Center, committed to support your transformational journey in your quest to create the best version of your whole self: body, mind and soul.

The Recovery Village, Personalized Addiction Treatment

Vitamins World, Your ultimate source for vitamins minerals herbs, with important information on vitamins, minerals, herbs, and common vitamins deficiency

Wintergreen Botanicals, Clinical herbalist Maria Noel Groves hosts wild and medicinal herb classes in central/southern NH, specializing in bioregional and western herbalism. Check out the seasonally changing recipes, upcoming workshops and walks, and downloadable notes. Visit the links page for recommended reading, local food and herbal websites, local and online herb supplies, seedlings, seeds, and more.

Magazines, Journalism, and Literature

Environmental News Network, Daily on-line environmental newsletter

Essential Herbal, The magazine by, for, and about herbie people and the things they love - HERBS!!!

Natural Capitalism, Amory Lovins describes how business can be more efficient and productive, and solve environmental problems as profits soar.

Skyline Magazine, a free literary/arts electronic publication publishing stories, poetry, art, photography, interviews & articles, by international writers, poets, artists

Vegetarians in Paradise, A Los Angeles monthly web magazine


Bill Russell's Wild, Wild Mushroom Site, Great mushroom info + freebies

Connecticut Valley Mycological Society News, A club for those interested in mushrooms as food, a club for those interested in mushrooms and fungi for study, and a club for those who are interested in mushrooms as an art form

Cordyceps Reishi Extract , LLC, Medicinal mushrooms by Paul Stamets

Florida Mushrooms, All things mycological in the Sunshine Sate, by Bill Petty, an avid amateur mycologist

FungalJungal, Home of the Western Montana Mycological Association; mushroom & fungi Identification and information

FungiHealth, Dedicated to improving people's lives through the medicinal use of mushrooms

Fungi Magazine, Exploring the world of mycology from many different angles, with regular features ranging from toxicology to medicinal mushrooms, and from photography to book reviews

Mushroom Appreciation, Enrich your life through mushroom appreciation

Mushroom Foray Expert, Wild mushrooms information and educational materials with famous British expert Peter Jordan

Mushroom-Collecting.com, About finding, identifying and preparing the more safe and common edible and medicinal mushroom species of Maine, New England, and Eastern Canada

Mushroom the Journal, The journal of wild mushrooming

New Jersey Mycological Association, A non-profit organization whose aims are to provide a means for sharing ideas, experiences, knowledge, and common interests regarding fungi, and to furnish mycological information and educational materials to those who wish to increase their knowledge about mushrooms

SOMA, The Sonoma County Mycological Association, a non-profit group dedicated to learning about local mushrooms, and educating the public about the vast and diverse world of fungi

Tom Volk's Fungi, "Fair and balanced" answers to your questions about fungi from a professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Vitality Mushrooms, The best articles and up to date information on medicinal mushrooms, their history, benefits, new medical research, and more


Chemical Free Living, A healthy lifestyle through chemical free living that can have remarkable results in your overall wellness, health and spirit

Dui Foundation, to help people realize the life-altering effects drinking and driving

Evolver, A social network for conscious collaberation

Green Singles, Free photo personal ads for singles in the environmental, vegetarian, and animal rights community

Ethical Singles, Match making service for people who care about humans, animals, and the environment

Homethods, Home repair, DIY tips, and product reviews

Michael Hogan Photography, Fine art photography of Southern New Jersey

Nature's Capital, Getting outside, inside the Beltway

Pacific Northwest Hikes, Information on 148 hikes covering 1280 miles of trails

Pinch Flat, Mike's bike blog, everything you need to know about bikes

Rustle the Leaf, Funny, pointed eco-comic strip

Store Wars, Hilarious Star Wars satire, starring organic and toxic vegetables

Useful Stuff, a blog in the Belorussian language (which most browsers can tranlate into English) by Martha Ruzkowski, to provide a deeper understanding of what's happening in the world.

Wild West, The history of Wild West—cowboys, Native Americans, wagons trains, and more

Wild West Yorkshire, Richard Bell's nature diary

Yoga Health Center, Yoga is a great dynamo of power which you have to tap to become a master of yourself and the world. Get information on yoga asana, pranayama types, cleansing technique, and more health and yoga topics.

Plants, Botany, and Nature

Aromantic, Make your own natural skin car products—everything you need, from professionals to beginners.

Botanical.com, Home of A Modern Herbal by M. Grieve, originally published in 1931

Botany Everyday, Exploring botany in some way, every day, with botanist and foraging expert Marc Williams

Botany Online, An Internet hypertext book

Catskill Native Nursery, specializes in nursery propagated North American perennials, fruits, shrubs, and trees.

Father Nature's Pharmacy, Jim Duke's database of medicinal herbs and botanical syllabus

Flowers on Location, Horticultural therapy—teaching flower arranging for wellness: Flowers are the food for the soul.

Foraging and Ethnobotany Links, Annotated links

Green HomeBuilder, Green tech and and green power products, for people interested in eco-friendly, responsible, green living

Identify That Plant, Confidently master the skill of correct plant identification.

Missouriplants.com, Photos and descriptions of the flowering and non-flowering plants of Missouri, USA

Plants for a Future, A resource center for edible and other useful plants

Plant Lives, Currently over 4,000 separate plant biographies, nearly 30,000 botanical synonyms, and even more common names (in many languages), with over 800 authoritative reference works quoted

Seed and Plant Sanctuary for Canada, A charitable organization dedicated to the health and vitality of the earth through the preservation and promotion of heritage seeds

66 Square Feet, A blog about gardening in small spaces

Urban Gardening Help, All about different forms of urban gardening and agriculture—a great way to improve the urban environment.

Podcasts—My favorite science, philosophy, and food shows
All in the Mind, Australian Broadcast System's weekly foray into the mental universe, the mind, brain and behavior— everything from addiction to artificial intelligence

Books and Ideas, Dr. Ginger Campbell discusses science books and interviews the authors.

Brain Science, Dr. Ginger Campbell discusses brain science and interviews authors.

Brainstuff, Brian Brain discusses how things work

Brains Matter, Science, curiosities, and general knowledge

Chemistry in its Elements, A weekly tour of chemical compounds

Chemistry World, News, interviews, and discussions on the latest topics in science

Dr. Karl on Triple J, Join a bunch of curious Triple J listeners in Australia for a weekly injection of science, myth-bashing and answers, with the irrepressible Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki!

Elucidations, a prominent philosopher sits down with our graduate student co-hosts to talk about his or her latest work and areas of philosophical expertise.

Great Moments in Science, All sides of science, from sublime moments of deep thought to arcane and bizarre research, brought to you weekly by Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki

The Health Report, A weekly 30-minutes weekly Australian health show with Dr. Norman Swann

Herb Mentor Radio, Interviews with America's top expert on herbs, from healing to foraging, with herbalist John Gallagher

In Our Time, BBC series covering science, history, religion, culture, and philosophy

Last Chance Food, A weekly look at food that's going out of season

Living on Earth, NPR's weekly 60-minute environmental show

Living Planet, German National Radio's weekly 30-minute environmental show

Naked Scientists, Science with a sense of humor, with a bunch of different experts discussing the latest science news and answering listener questions

Ockham's Razor, A different expert presents a science essay every week on Australian radio

Philosopher's Zone, Alan Saunders looks at the world of philosophy, and at the world through philosophy.

Philosophy Bites, Top philosophers interviewed weekly on bite-sized topics, with Nigel Warburton and David Edmonds

Planetary Society's Radio Show, A fact-based exploration of the solar system, with interviews of diverse experts, and regular features

Radiolab, Science meets culture, and information sounds like music, weekly

Robots, News and views on current and future trends in robotics and artificial intelligence

Quirks & Quarks, Canada's weekly 60-minute in-depth science magazine show, hosted by Ron MacDonald

The Royal Society, Lectures on the history of science

Science and the City, Cutting edge research and science, from NYC and beyond, by noted scientists and authors

Science at 9, Various weekly 30-minute BBC science radio shows

Science Friday, A 2-hour weekly NPR science show, hosted by Ira Flatow, featuring interviews with top scientists and coverage of topical issues

Science in Action, A weekly 30-minute BBC science show examining new developments in science from around the world

Science Magazine Podcast, Original scientific research, global news, and commentary, weekly, from the world's leading scientific journal

Science Show A weekly 60-minute science show of what's making news in the complex world of scientific research, scandal, and discovery, with Australian Broadcast System's Robyn Williams

Science Talk, the latest in the world of science and technology, with Scientific American's Steve Mirsky, weekly

Skeptoid, Critical analysis of pop phenomena

Spectrum, German National Radio's weekly 30-minute science and technology show

Splendid Table, A food show from Minnesota Public Radio

Products and Services

The Amazing Ken, Magic and comedy—family entertainment for all ages!

Bear Spray, Two well-known bear sprays to keep you safe

Best Cookware Set, Find out what separates a good cookware set from a bad one, with examples of excellent products. 

A Cook's Best Friend, Cookware, bakeware, utensils, and accessories for your kitchen

Aussie Vitamins and Herbs, Herbs treat 80% of people worldwide. Buy discount herbs here.

Bear Spray, Two well-known bear sprays to keep you safe

BuddinghTreeConsultancy, International tree consultancy and diagnostics, NY and New Zealand

Bulk Nuts at Wholesale Prices, Wholesale grains, fruits, flours, nuts, pastas, beans, milk substitutes, vegan baking supplies, and much more in bulk quantities at wholesale prices

Busy Bee Cleaning and Janitorial Services, Keep the Earth clean by preventing pollution

CampingSurvival.com, It's not about the end of the world, it's not about surviving a hypothetical plane crash—it's about the satisfaction you get knowing you can take care of yourself and/or your family in any situation, any time, anywhere!

Coffee Makers & Vita-Mix Blenders at Everything Kitchens, Offering a selection of kitchen countertop appliances, including coffee makers and blenders, from brands such as Kitchenaid, Vita-Mix, and Cuisinart

Cook's Warehouse, A large selection of gourmet cookware and professional cutlery from brands such as All-Clad, Le Creuset, Capresso, and Shun Knives

Dandelion Paperweights, It seems to "defy reality." It's a real dandelion seed head about to disperse, captured in a crystal clear glass globe. Each paperwright is unique, making it a very speciial gift.

Dennis Regling's Wonder Shows, A wide variety of awesome science and math assembly programs that will open the eyes of students to the natural world

Discovery Foods Ldt., Manufacturers of fine quality Latin American & Mexican food products for adventurous tastes

DIY Cleaners You Can Make At Home
Make your own cleaners using substances such as vinegar and baking soda.

Earth Homes Now, Get some earth today and start building, or get a pencil and start sketching your dream earth home. Tomorrow the world will be a much greener place if we just take one small step towards this goal today.

Electric Bikes and Scooters, eCo Wheelz specializes in electric bikes, battery-powered scooters and other eco-friendly forms of transportation—have fun, save money and go green!

Electric Car, Frequently updated news and information on electric cars for enthusiasts and prospective owners

Excel Water Technologies, Using the latest technologies and methods of water purification to enhance your protection from the hazards of unsafe drinking water

Flora & Fauna Books, large inventory of new, hard-to-find, out-of-print and rare books on the life sciences, including gardening, botany, ornithology, mammals, insects, herpetology and more

Forest Forager, For your natural and wild foods, herbal medicines, crafts materials and other products

Food and Beverage Consulting, A full suite of services from organic, sustainable menu development to full Green/LEED concept development services, including brand, design, and day to day operating systems

BillyOh, Garden Furniture, Barbecues, Garden Buildings, Outdoor Toys

Buff & Butter, the number one choice for affordable aromatherapy & natural products from the UK that will benefit the mind, body, and spirit.

Gluten-free Diet Foods, Buy gluten-free diet foods at Ambrosia Natural Foods.

Greencuisine, Organic food and health information, courses, events, and comprehensive online shopping for all your health needs

Hardy Solar San Diego, Solar panels, diesel generators, and off grid alternative energy solutions—providing the best home energy products, and on- and off-grid energy system

Healing Water Machines, Chanson Spa shower water filter, alkaline water ionizers, filters, water purifiers, and more

HealthyHerbalist.com, Your online source for natural food, organic herbs, beauty care, and health products

Hearth Fuel, Alternative home heating energy resources

HerbalCom, Herbs for your alternative medicine or craft

Holly, Wood, and Vine, Creatimng gardens that engage the senses and restore the human spirit

Katherine Botanicals, Natural skin care products—natural psoriasis treatment and more

LovingYoga.com, The best yoga DVDs and products, free online yoga videos, product reviews, and how-to articles

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, Organic hand-harvested low-temperature dried sea veggies: dulse, kelp, alaria, laver, and more

MooShoes, High-quality, stylish, vegan shoes, in lower Manhattan

My Personal Recipe Book, a blank spiral recipe book that holds up to 100 of your favorite recipes, complete with an index—the perfect replacement for the recipe box and a great gift idea

Natural Nail Polish, An enormous selection of eco-friendly, non-toxic natural nail polish and manicure sets that are safe for kids and adults alike

New York Wedding Caterers, World Wide Events Ltd. specializes in corporate, cocktail party, wedding, and fundraiser catering services in NY.

Positive Living Impact, A book and blog about the future like it should be—please enter with great expectations and leave fulfilled and uplifted with useful tools for your journey—with Louise Brookes

Power DrillGuru A green guide — how to go green at home

PrimalSurvivor, offering our readers practical and sensible advice to allow them to become more self sufficient and independent in their daily lives 

Reusable Bags, Purchase custom, non-woven, poly, eco-friendly bags

Seven Creeks Natural Spring Water, Spring eater from America's first EPA approved, state licensed, self serve spring.

Solar for Home.com, Free solar home videos and articles, great deals on a huge selection of solar energy systems, and product reviews on solar panels and solar pool equipment

SpecialtyProduce, Over 30 years of experience as a fresh produce supplier in San Diego. Search our encyclopedia of produce online! We've done the research, you'll reap the results.

The Texas Gourmet not only produces fine glazing jellies, grilling spices and sauces, but has expanded into other areas such as cooking classes, seminars, etc.

Traditional CookOffering a unique selection of superior products made for the traditional cook

Young Living Essential Oils 4U, Pure therapeutic essential oils, retail or wholesale, singles or blends

White Tea, Offers high quality white tea online, as well as articles and resources about white tea's benefits

WildEarthAdventures, Guided hiking and walking, wilderness camping, backpacking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing trips, year-round, throughout NY, NJ, and CT

WildPantry.com, all natural wild products, from wild edibles to wild medicinal plants, plus other great natural products brought to you by Mother Nature

Writer by Nature, Creative content for your nature endeavors—Writing services that help you capture the essence of your enterprise and promote your purpose, while retaining your natural voice

Survival and Wilderness Awareness

Adventure Outpost, Experience the real Florida—enjoy unguided paddle trips, or join author/naturalist Lars Andersen on a guided tour of one of the 40+ rivers on his "launch menu."

Alderleaf Wilderness College, Innovative wilderness, tracking, and nature programs in the beautiful Pacific Northwest

Bushcraft Northwest, Your home for wilderness instruction in the Pacific Northwest

Earthwalk Northwest, Programs focusing on earth awareness and primitive living skills, including primitive bow making, fire by friction, wild edibles, and much more

Geek PrepperInsight into advantageous preparedness hacks, tips and tricks, also testing the gear and the techniques to let you know what works, how it works, and how things fail, saving you legwork and wasted time

Hollowtop Outdoor Survival School, Tom Elpel's (author of Botany in a Day) school of wilderness survival, primitive living skills, and nature awareness, in Pony, MT

NatureSkills.com, to begin or compliment your learning journey as a student of the natural world—covering outdoor skills such as tracking, bird language, primitive skills, wild foods, and more

Survival Resources, a unique firm that specializes in survival kit components, survival kits, emergency preparedness products, and outdoor skills courses in Verona, NY

Urban Edge Forest Therapy, walks that enhance wellbeing through gentle immersion in forests and other natural environments.

Wildroots, A radical homestead in Western NC focusing on experiential learning and living, while developing and sharing skills for rewilding and reconnection

Woodcraft School for Bushcraft & Nature Awareness, Immerse yourself in nature, lean the art of the practical naturalist.


Angel's Health Food Institute, A great clearing house of information, as well as an on site teaching facility and organic farm in Medford, OR

Choose Vegan, Resource and information for vegans, and for those on their way to becoming vegan

Earthsave, promotes food choices that are healthy for the people and the planet.

Happy Happy VeganThinking Of Trying Out Veganism? Already Living The Vegan Lifestyle? Whatever Stage You’re At, Happy Happy Vegan Is For You!

Institute for Plant Based Nutrition, to provide education in terms of plant-based nutrition for all the people of the world

Kristen's Raw, Living food, longer life!

Living and Raw Foods, The largest Internet community for living and raw foods information

The Meatrix, Animated exposé of factory farming

Moesley Health, Articles on vegetarianism and other aspects of health

Natural Gourmet Cookery School, for health and culinary arts, in NYC

NetVeggie, Directory for vegetarian, vegan and organic foods, including vegetarian food, vegetarian shoes, nutritional information, vegetarian gifts, and more

Parsley Soup, A variety of meat-free, egg-free and dairy-free recipes

Paul Nison, Author, lecturer, raw food chef

Raw Vegan Network, online raw food certifications for those who wish to expand their portfolio of expertise in living a raw food lifestyle

Red on the Left, a band whose music brings peace and inspiration to hundreds of people every day in the NYC subways. Check out their LOR Kitchen for some great vegan and vegetarian recipes.

Rhio's Raw Energy, Provides information about health-related issues and raw and living foods events

She-Zen, Ecological cooking, with Angelina Elliot

SoyStache, A unique project to promote the awareness of the many benefits of a plant-based (vegan) diet

Spinach Juice, Recipes with low calories and health benefits.

Triangle Vegetarian Society, Building a sense of community among vegetarian and vegetarian-interested people in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area of North Carolina

Vegan Chef, Chef Beverly Lynn Bennett's internet home, dedicated to this wonderful way of eating, with recipes created from a vegan chef's perspective

Vegetarian for Health, Your source for becoming a vegetarian, including types of vegetarian diets, health benefits, environmental impact, vegetarian and vegan recipes and much more

Vegan Street, Vegan activism, news, and fun!

Vegan Wolf, For vegans, vegetarians, or anyone new to veganism; or for anyone who needs information on living cholesterol free.

Vegetarian Society of Hawaii, a not-for-profit volunteer organization to promote human health, animal rights, and protection of the environment by means of vegetarian education

Veggie Chef, Marie Oser, changing the world one meal at a time

VeggieGlobal, Comprehensive info about vegetarianism

VegTV.com, Internet videos on nutrition, exercise, weight loss, disease prevention, sex, and lifestyle

VegWeb, Vegetarian recipes, cookbooks, coupons, links, and personals

Veg World, Lots of recipes, articles and book reviews of special interest to new and aspiring vegetarians and vegans

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